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15.6 inch Portable Monitor

Jul. 11, 2019

As grimmer marketing with current global economic status, challenge of displaying is reaching a new height.

Montronics is always focus on creative and technical part, recently Montronics carry out a latest design which is very profitable high quality standard item with sensitive commercial sense: 4K portable on and go monitor,"on and go" is the key bright point, just use one cable connnection can achieve the screen from small to big size to 15.6", more comfortable look for eyes, especially for gaming, watching movies, doing paper work etc.can be with or without touch function. 

Along with the consumer to the electronic product convenience degree request unceasingly enhancement, in the exterior design aspect Montronics also unceasingly specially studies devotes to the light and lightweight style, attracts and satisfies more consumer's demand, in June newly launches the ultra thin light style may satisfy each big application demand new product. Welcome to appreciation.

15.6 inch Portable Monitor

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